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  Member Since : 25 March 2011  (New Delhi)

Chandna & Chandna Associates


Team of dedicated, hardworking, experienced and passionate lawyers to represent client's at Patiala House Courts, Saket District Court, Dwarka District Courts, Tis Hazari, Karkardooma, Rohini District Court, Delhi High Court, Supreme Court of India and courts across India in Criminal as well as Bail Matters.



About the Founder


Advocate Kapil Chandna, law graduate from Delhi University, is a founding partner of C&C Associates and is enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi in 2012.


Kapil Chandna Advocate interned with law firms I.e. Jyoti Sagar, Vaish & Assocaites, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan and Sh. Vikas Arora and Sr. Advocate K.K. Manan had been working on Winding Up issues, Taxation, Divorce, Child Custody, Bails (Anticipatory & Regular Bails), Criminal Trails (Cheating, Forgery, Murder, Rape, Dacoity, Extortion) etc.



Finding his passion in Matrimony and Criminal Law, Kapil Chandna Advocate associated himself with Sh. Ashutosh Nanchal and Sh. Yogesh Saxena Advocates in Criminal Laws and represented clients in Bails, Criminal Trails (Customs, GST, Narcotics, Money laundering, DRI), Cheque Bounce, Divorce, Child Custody etc.



Kapil Chandna Advocate started working independently in 2014 and represented clients all over India, in matters pertaining to:-


Appeals before Delhi High Court & Supreme Court of India


Bails (Anticipatory as well as Regular):-


In Cheating, Criminal Breach of Trust, Forgery, False Dowry Case (498A IPC), Dowry Death (304B IPC),  False Rape Case (376 IPC), POCSO, Murder/ Attempt to murder (302/307 IPC), Prevention of Corruption Act, Money Laundering Act.  


Bail in Money Laundering/ Prevention of Corruption Act cases


Bail in GST fraud cases


Bail in DRI Duty Evasion cases


Interim / Regular Bail in NDPS  cases


Bail in Cheating and Forgery,


Bail in EOW fraud cases


Bail in Cyber Cell Fraud cases  


Bail in Criminal Breach of Trust


Bail in Murder / Attempt to Murder,


Cancellation of Look Out Circular/ Permission to Travel Abroad


FIR filing u/s 156 (3) Cr.P.C/ Criminal Complaints u/s 200 Cr.P.C,


Quashing of FIR U/S 482 Cr.P.C from High Court as well as Supreme Court of India


Wrongful arrest/ Writ of Habeas Corpus,


Writ Petitions before High Court and Supreme Court of India


Supreme Court Appeals /


Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court of India


Review Petition in Supreme Court of India


Curative Petition in Supreme Court of India


Public Interest Litigation


Revision in Delhi High Court


Transfer Petition (Civil/Criminal) in Supreme Court of India.





Anticipatory Bail from Jaipur High Court in a Cheating matter 420/406 IPC,


Anticipatory Bail from Saket District Court in false 498A cases


Anticipatory Bail from Hon’ble Delhi High for a client based in Germany in false 498A case


Anticipatory Bail from Punjab and Haryana High Court in a Cheating Matter 420/406 IPC,


Anticipatory Bail from Supreme Court of India in a cheating matter 420/406 IPC,


Anticipatory Bail in Criminal Intimidation and Molestation matter 354, 506, 509 IPC from Karkardooma District Court ,


Anticipatory as well Regular bail in Money Laundering Case from Rouse Avenue Courts


Anticipatory Bail in attempt to murder 307 IPC from Tis Hazari Court,


Anticipatory Bail in false rape matter 376 IPC from Dwarka District Court,


Anticipatory Bail in false rape matter 376 IPC from Mumbai District Court,


Regular Bail in false 304B case from Supreme Court of India,


Regular Bail in false rape matter 376 IPC from Saket District Court,


Regular Bail in EOW fraud (420,406 IPC) case from Karkardooma Court,


Regular bail in GST Fraud case from Patiala House Court,


Regular bail in DRI duty evasion/ prohibited goods case from Patiala House Court,


Regular bail in Cyber Cell fraud from Patiala House Courts,


Regular bail in attempt to murder 307 IPC from Delhi High Court


Regular Bail in Child Trafficking matter 370 IPC from Tis Hazari Courts,


Regular Bail in Pocso Matter from Patiala House Courts,


Regular Bail in Prevention of Corruption Act from Supreme Court of India


Interim as well as Regular Bail in NDPS from Patiala House Courts,


Cancellation of Look Out Circular from Dwarka District Courts


Permission to travel abroad from Saket District Court,


Quashing of FIR in Jabalpur High Court in Dowry Demand and Criminal Breach of Trust 498A/406,


Quashed a false and frivolous FIR u/s 498A/406 from Supreme Court of India,


Successfully got Bail cancelled of an accused in rape matter from Delhi High Court.


Successfully got Civil & Criminal Petitions transferred in Supreme Court of India from one state

to another,


Got a complaint registered after 13 years of fraud and forgery from Saket District Court (u/s section 156(3) Read with 200 Cr.P.C)


Special leave petitions from Supreme Court of India


Appeal in Murder case from Delhi High Court



Kapil Chandna Advocate is practicing in the field of criminal law and has been successfully representing his clients all over India since more than 8 years. He has gained his experience in varied fields of law but gaining expertise in the field of Criminal Trails (Cheating, Dacoity, Extortion, Dowry Death, Murder, Attempt to Murder, Money Laundering, GST fraud, EOW fraud, Cyber Cell Fraud,  DRI duty evasion, NDPS, POCSO, Rape), Matrimonial disputes including divorce, domestic violence, child custody and related Bails (Anticipatory & Regular). 

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Finding his passion in Bail Laws & its practices in India, with developing complexities of case laws, the Author, Kapil Chandna has started to write on demystifying the laws dealing with bail in India.

The Author believes that “freedom” is one of the most cherished fundamental right given by our Constitution of India to an individual. Despite the fact that our Constitution is one of the largest written constitution in the world but Article 21 granting Right to Freedom to an individual always looked upon the spirit of the constitution in itself. 

Also believing that since “Bail is a rule and Jail an exception” and “Presumption of Innocence, Unless Proved Guilty”, accused should not be deprived of right of life and liberty endlessly and pre-trail detention should not be restored to as a measure of punishment. 

Kapil Chandna is a member of Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India Bar Association.

Kapil Chandna is a member of Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India Bar Association.


Practicing at Supreme Court of India 




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