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Dear Readers!

Namaskar to you all of you.

First of all, let me be grateful to you for taking a couple of seconds from your precious life  to read my profile.

Profile visitors, have you ever reviewed following VIDEOS? If not, May I sincerely request you, to  find some time and watch them?

Dripping in VIDEOs to bring the The Companies Act, 1956 close to many among us, refreshing the very provisions.     You all know them the provisions. 

(*) "Why should we watch the VIDEOs?"  

(*) "What new thing is there in the Provisions, which we know?"

(*) "Why should we waste our time on watching them?"

May be a question, some times, come to some of  the Profile readers.    

I agree with you.    There is nothing NEW.  

Even then, I sincerely request you to watch them.    Let me understand where do they stand from your point of view?

You may find a VIDEO on (1) Sec 39 of the Act, posted on   Oct 11th 2012,

You may also watch following :

(2) Video : The Companies Act,1956 Sec 4 Holding Company

(3) "Video : Sec 47 The Companies Act, 1956. Bills of Exchange" on CACLUBINDIA

(4)  "Video : Sec 560 the Companies Act, 1956. strike defunct company off "  (with commentary & CASE LAWS)  uploaded on 05.11.2012 on CACLUBINDIA

(5) "Video : Sec 5 The Companies Act, 1956. "Officer who is in default" uploaded on  10.11.2012 on CACLUBINDIA


Following Two VIDEOs are posted by Ms.Shivani on CACLUBINDIA

On 30.11.12 'The Companies Act, 1956.Sec 13 Requirements with respect to Memorandum

On 26.11.12 'Sec 33, The Companies Act, 1956. Registration of Memorandum / Articles of Association

I thank Ms.Shivani, for the interest shown on the Companies Act, 1956.


Yes, all above VIDEOs are on the CACLUBINDIA universe.

For quite some time now,  I am uploading Videos on YouTube.

These are about the Companies Act, 1956.

Yes, Attempt is Section-by-section.  56+ Videos are on YouTube.

Hope, it may facilitate to refresh ourselves about the Companies Act, 1956.

Every Section is important.  

Every Section is refreshed with concise comments  / briefings.

Revised Videos on Section 1,3,4  and 5 are available on YouTube.  Uploaded on 22.10.2012  


The Companies Act,1956. Sec 1 Short title, commencement and extent.Preliminary.



The Companies Act,1956.Sec 3 Definitions of "company", "existing company" 




Sec 4 Holding / Subsidiary Company



Sec 5 Meaning of 'officer who is in default' 



You are right, your inputs/feedback is always welcome.

Feel free.  

You may express your opinion / comment / constructive criticism.

Your feedback certainly enables me to better the content.      


Thanking you all.

It is an effort to comprehend what the Companies Act,1956 really wants to stand for.

Many among you are very reserved of sharing your CRITICAL COMMENTS on my VIDEOs uploaded on YouTube.   Again, I sincerely request you to play an important role in bettering the content.

You also may subscribe MyChannel on YouTube, so that you may have all latest uploaded VIDEOs, immediately at your end.

Venkateswara Rao Sapare

venkateswararaosapare @ gmail.com

Date 30.11.2012

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