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HmMmM...a LiL dIfFiCuLt To XpReSs ThRu WrItTeN ...dIz Is D mOsT dIfFiCuLt TaSk To Do FoR eSpEcIaLlY fOr A cOnFuSeD PeRsOn LyK me....foR wAt Ppl SAy AbT mE.. cAn SuReLy SaY tHaT ....M vErY fRiENdLy N fUn LoViNg pErSoN sYmTiMeS eMoTIoNaL tYmES hUmOuRoUs,,VeRy CaSuAl....mAaH fRiEnDzz CoNsIdEr Me BiT nAuGhTy....M aMbIaBlE kInDz ,eAsY gOiN yEt SeNsItIvE...LiL mOoDy WiD aPeRfEcT cOmbInAtIoN oF gUsSa N hAsSi...

FoR mE gOd Is eVeRyThInG tHe MoSt TrUsTfUl WoNdEr WhO nEvEr BeTrAyzzz N nEvEr LeT u B alOnE wEn Ur In NeEd...........

I M aKiNd Of A pErSoN wHo DUsN mAkEs FrIeNdzz EaSiLy BuT WhEn I mAK tHeN m LoYaL tO tHe FrIeNdShIp FoReVeR......

I hAtE tHoSe ThInKS dAt EnTiRe WoRlD iS lOoKiN aT tHem N lOvE ThOsE wHo DuN cArE iF tHe WoRlD is........

aTlAsT MaAh BeLiEf~~~~~NeVeR xPeCt LyF tO B FaIR bUt DeR iS aLwAyZ a rEaSoN tO sMiLe .....SO fINd It !!!!!!! !!!!! AnD I lUv rAiN........!!!!!



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