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CA Piyali Parashari







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About me

  Member Since : 26 October 2009  (Thane )

Dear All,

You can find my profile on ( on slideshare (

I am sharing with you a poem on the keys to success from which I have drawn inspiration. Hope the keys of success will lead you to light and prosperity.


CA Piyali Parashari

Keys to success

If you are determined and your eyes are set

You shall surely achieve your goal and that's a bet

Hard work honesty and concentration are the only keys to success

Try again and again for one day victory is what you will possess

Concentrate on every chore that you do

It may be work or can be play to

Remember to never let your confidence break down

Even if the world jeers at you or calls you a clown

One day for sure your hard work or honesty shall pay back

And there will be nothing in the world that you'll lack

Follow these steps & success shall enlighten your pathway

And fill your life with joy, happiness and peace everyday.  smiley 



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