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  Member Since : 26 May 2017  (Agartala)

Health and beauty are considered to be chronological losses. In my books Your Right to Be Beautiful and Beautiful On Raw I will convince you they don't have to be. It is biologically possible to look beautiful at any age. I intend to prove that beauty is not an accident; beauty is your birthright, it can be yours through the right daily choices, food you put in your mouth being the most important one. You can dramatically improve your appearance and do it 100 percent on your own without expensive products, plastic surgery or costly cosmetics.


Interviewers often ask me this...Can anybody can be beautiful through a raw food diet? Or do you have to possess some basic beauty characteristics to begin with? The fact is, all the things we think are basic--high cheekbones, certain body proportions, all the things we label "bone structure," really only hold a minute advantage. As you get older, how tall or how blonde you were born becomes irrelevant. After 40, a glowing complexion is far more important than long legs. Shining and full hair is more important than its color. Clear eyes become a much bigger asset than their size. After 40, any waistline is an achievement, not just 36-24-36.


I can't promise you'll look 20 years old. If you really want a tiara, try Tiffany's. You'll have better luck there than the Miss America pageant. But I can promise you one thing. I promise this... you will be very pleased at how beautiful you could be. Should be. Can be. Nothing is more gratifying than looking your very best.


Most of us know that what we eat affects how we feel. But what the food we put into our mouth has to do with how we look. EVERYTHING! At any moment in time, you are either degenerating or rejuvenating. You are either going one way or the other depending on the lifestyle choices you make.


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