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  Member Since : 04 April 2009  (Indore )

CA, May'81, 11th position in India, Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting, Nov'84, 1st position in India, in business for last 18 years.

Wrote a book with title "FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY IN INDIA" discussing most issues relating to business, legal and administrative problems in India that, in the opinion of the author, have prevented India from exploiting its growth potentials and compelled Indians to finish far poorer than rest of the world. Even Singapore, which got independence 20 years later than India, is 15 times richer in per capita income. The book also argues that India being 4th most unsafe country in Asia, cannot be peaceful UNTIL Kashmir problem is solved. Finally, it makes recommedations for legal reforms and a model economic policy for rapid development of India. Its kindle format is available on the link

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Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) GST Course
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