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M@ni$h $h@rm@ (Kolkata)

CA Final Nov 2010






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About me

  Member Since : 20 January 2009  (Kolkata)

  Hello my Dear Friends, I am from Kolkata; Preparing for CA Final NOV 2010

   (  Scored 71 in Accounts PCC )   ( Scored 72 in Cost FM PCC ) 

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CA & CA Pursuing from Kolkata    CA & CA Pursuing from Kolkata  


         Hi this is New Group Created by Manish Sharma from Kolkata  at  Facebook

     Chapter-wise ** Marks Analysis for PCC - Must see - May 10

     ANSW TO CS Execu December 2009

   Account & Cost : 59_cs_exe_acc__cost_solved_ans_dec_09.pdf

         GLCS : 48_cs_exe_glcs_solved_ans_dec_09.pdf

     Tax & LAW : 39_cs_exe_tax_law_solved_ans_dec09.pdf


    ANSWER TO November 2009 CA PCC / IPCC

 20_solved_pcc_tax_nov09.pdf  (PCC TAXATION PAPER 5)

 43_solved_ans_ipcc_acc_nov_09.doc (IPCC A/c Paper 1)

 10_law_nov_09.pdf      (PCC LAW Paper 2)
 28_solved_pcc_cost_fm_nov09.pdf  (IPCC COST FM Paper 3 / IPCC Paper 4)
 53_ipcc_tax_nov09.pdf         (IPCC TAXATION Paper 4)
 27_ipcc_acc_paper_5_nov.pdf  (IPCC Account Paper 5)
 10_audit_nov09.pdf        (PCC Audit Paper 2 / IPCC Audit Paper 6)
 28_solved_pcc_it_sm_nov09.pdf   (PCC IT SM Paper 6 / IPCC Paper 7)
 8_2_accounts_nov_2009_for_upload.doc  (PCC ACCOUNT PAPER 1)
     Question Papers of CA IPCC / PCC November 2009 Exam
Attached File : 38_acc_pcc_nov09.pdf
Attached File : 25_acc_ipcc_nov09.pdf    (IPCC Group I)
Attached File : 50_audit_pcc_nov09.pdf
Attached File : 40_law_pcc_nov09.pdf
Attached File : 29_cost_pcc_nov09.pdf
Attached File : 13_tax_pcc_nov09.pdf
Attached File : 48_tax_ipcc_nov09.pdf      (IPCC Group I)
Attached File : 11_pcc_itsm_nov09.pdf
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Kolkata's caclubindia member

   Thanks for Reading...........

    You can contact me at  manish.sharma099 @

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