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Hi Guys

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

I am  vikram (Vicky), 22 yrs old. I was born and brought up in Guntur. I am a CA Final n ICWAI Final  student. Doing articles in kbs associates Hyderabad….

 I like to make new  frnds, debating studies and always try to learn some thing new.

I beleive every person have some quality (may be they know or they don’t  know),but every one have something different and when you will talk to them than you realise.. that’s why i  join this community as well as i made one community  in the orkut also where we can share our thoughts..because  gyan  batne se bhadta  hai ... hahahahah

In your life.. where ever you are... watever you are doing ...but if u want to win then always set very difficult task and start working with positive attitude and most importantly forget wheather you will reach your target or not but give your best ...lots of time you will face huge difficulty,  you feel bad and start thinking negatively but you have to maintain ur positive attitute on that time ..if ur able to do that.. i can assure one day you will be  get a huge success..if you want to win you have to fight for win otherwise you will loose the game......

In your ca life lots of time you will face huge difficulty and start feeling guilty ...you are started thinking  that all your frnds are promoted and doing good but you are nowhere. Instead of thinking negatively take it as a challenge and start working because...." Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost ..abhi toh sirf interval hua hai.. movie mai twist hai.." .May be after 5 years you will be more succesful than your frnds.. Its life cycle only....Who Knows....... All the best


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