Worried about cts complaint cheques??

Simran (Student) (1165 Points)

13 March 2013  

If you want to have hassle-free banking experience while using your cheque leaves, you would better make sure that the chequebooks you're using conform to the new Cheque Truncation System (CTS) - 2010.

Banks across the country are already in the process of issuing new look chequebooks with enhanced security and standardized features to customers by March 31, 2013, as you would not be able to use your old cheques from April 1, 2013. Also, if you have issued postdated cheques for your home or auto loan EMIs, you will have to issue fresh cheques.

This create the need of an enhanced cheque printing software to print CTS – complaint cheques. Use ChequeMan software to print your cheques according to new CTS 2010 standards. This is an user- friendly, flexible and hassle free cheque printing software that prints cheques without any errors.

If you have recently ordered your chequebooks, you may already have the new cheque leaves with you. Since most banks have already migrated to the new system, chances are that your bank would have sent you CTS-compliant cheque leaves.

So, start using ChequeMan software and print your CTS-compliant cheques in an efficient manner.

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