Why is ca course a big risk???

VEDANTA DESHIKA (Practice) (317 Points)

18 November 2011  


Do yu feel CA course is risky ???

I am feeling the heat now..... Articles din go well.. Cudnt get gud exposure during the Audit.. Now already given 2 attempts for final.. sittin @ home from past 6 months.. I m sure i vl nt e1 clear one group.. Now pressure from family ( to join some job as dey feel i m useless sittin @ home.. I fear joining ne firm/co fa ma lack of experience in the field. I may nt get adequate leave fa ma next attempt..   vl i b able to clear CA at all??? I know one day i vl be a CA... I still have lot of hopes.. 

Life was so easy during articleship...

 whatte stage of life now i m facing and may be many like me...... Most thrilling experience..

Now that m i grown up.. I have got two horns  on my head...      one is " EGO" & the other is "Self respect" as well...  Somehow i vl manage ma pressure..

Thats de reason i think CA course is the most difficult course...


Friends.. pls share ur views.. pls don pity me o try to give ne kinda advice... Its useless..

Sry all fa wasting ur valuable tym :)