Whats funny about the rupee

Tony John (Chartered Accountant) (6085 Points)

30 August 2013  

The rupee roller coaster ride is in full speed at the moment. The Indian currency hit a new lifetime low of 68.85 per US dollar this week. Should you be upset or grin?

Brace yourself and enjoy reading this collection of attention-grabbing views on the Indian currency that were ridiculed on Facebook and Twitter.

“Dollar on an escalator... Rupee on a ventilator... Nation in ICU... We are in coma... Onion in showroom... God bless India,” exclaims a person via the internet.

Everyone has something to say about the sinking rupee and rising prices, especially the hike in petrol prices.

“Now Tata Nano’s fuel cost will be more than its EMI,” goes one joke. Social media users laughed about this as well, “Finally it has happened…After decades, beer is now cheaper than petrol! There will be a new slogan: Just Drink, Don’t Drive!”

While many other funny stories are going viral within the internet community, writer Chetan Bhagat's attempt backfired badly. “The rupee is asking, is there no punishment for my rapists?” he tweeted.

Are you wondering what he was thinking when he mentioned that? Here’s how he defended his remarks after deleting the tweet: “People here flipping out on using word rape as metaphor. Murder is OK. Using F word is also OK.” There are hundreds of jokes about murder. So why are we so touchy about rape?” he questioned after the backlash.

Anyway, everybody has opinions and here are some reported in the U.S.

The Washington Post reported that some superstitious Indians have blamed the slump on the new symbol for the rupee, unveiled last year. “Experts on vastu shastra, an ancient Indian design practice similar to feng shui, say that the symbol debuted on a day inauspicious for the stars and that the horizontal line across the symbol appears to “slit the throat” of the currency,” the American daily newspaper stated.


“Dollar and Euro take revenge on rupee because we have underwear brands named after them,” a social network user jokes.

 Another joke mocking the rupee goes like this: “Race 3: Who will reach hundred first, dollar, petrol or onion?” 

“A kg of onions can now be bought at the Dollar Store,” wrote another person online.

A recent pun intended cartoon created by Amul illustrated the falling rupee which read, “Economy in the Dollardrums?”

Faking News, a humor website poked fun at the rupee by tweeting, “Total number of missing files related to coalgate is 60. Rupee is still ahead.”


Source: yahoo.com