What should be done - 4th attempt

andy (Student CA IPC / IPCC) (55 Points)

02 August 2016  


I passed Dec 13' CPT when pass % was 37%. i was Overwhelmed with joy 
i am a CBSE student With 76 % 

I quit college and applied in correspondence and started my bcom only after my 3rd failure in IPCC. 

Now i am in 2nd year B.com

Ca Inter pass percentages are very good :) always 4's and 6's like in the game of cricket.
is life a game of cricket.
last time i got all my answer sheets for me to see where i went wrong, where i was happy to find my answers and suggested answers matching but only with 2's and 3's. 

i am confused as to what to do With CA. quit and join ACCA ? 

please guide me