What is Strategy to get over win the magic of SFM ca final

CA Saroj Kumar (Keen to learn something new every moments)     21 August 2014

CA Saroj Kumar
Keen to learn something new every moments 
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Dear All CCI Memebers

I need your support and suggestion 

1. What strategy should be followed while doing SFM?

2. How to score 60+ ?.

3. From which book it should be done.

i have already studying from makkar sir notes. i haven't taken classes.

i have given two attempt but due to this subject i m not able to clear. group -1 

please suggest ....your early reply will be appericiable.  



n k abhiram (CA Final , CS Final )     21 August 2014

n k abhiram
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Go through theory and P.Manual atleast twice 

Concentrate on small topics like Mutual funds, dividends , bond management , financial services these will fetch minimum 20 marks

Portfolio and merger fetches approx about 20 marks 

Then take up the rest of the topics.

Regarding the book i heard makkar is good. But I read SD Bala its good in understanding concepts and lucid language . Whichever book you feel comfortable you go through with concepts. I dont suggest any other book apart from SD Bala and PM .  

There is no particular Strategy  for reading SFM you have do it own by making important points or formulas and revising a lot .

All the best for your up coming exams 



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Balaji Sarangarajan (MBA & (CA Final))     21 August 2014

Balaji Sarangarajan
MBA & (CA Final) 
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Dear Saroj,

Please check the following link for your query in preparation of SFM. It is well explained by Mr. Ankur Garg.


All the very best


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NAIMESH LODAYA (Senior Accounts Officer)     31 December 2014

Senior Accounts Officer 
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I agree with view of NK Abhiram regarding studying from SD bala book. This is really good book with concepts explained in simple language. Unique feature of this book is Each concept is followed by illustration ( to understand concept properly). also at end of chapter Solved problems are given for revision (it also covers problems asked in ICAI exams). Coming Back to strategy, there is no fixed way or standard, since it depends upon whether one is doing self study or attending coaching. but i would like to suggest few points in relation to strategy for SFM. Please feel free to ask in case of any query regarding strategy. Below are some points which should be kept in mind before devising strategy for SFM paper: please note detailed discussion on each main point will be posted seperately. also write your suggestions to my email address nml_2006 @ rediffmail.com

1. Prepare List of Chapters to be studied. (Know your Syllabus ).

2. Divide the chapters into Groups. (Eg In Group 1- all small chps like Bond Valuation, Mutual   Fund, Dividend policy,etc).

3. Note down the sources of study available with u.

        Eg. A. ICAI study Inputs (study material, Practice manual,RTP,etc)

               B.  other Reference Book(s) (eg- Padhuka, Sd Bala, Jb Gupta-Any one book)

4. Doing ABC analysis of chapters based on past 5-10 attempts papers.

5. Identify and make a note of pure theory based chapters (eg- indian capital market ,etc). 16-20 marks of theory asked in paper. sometimes theory questions are repeated.

6. Proper Coordination of study resources of ICAI and other Reference book (available with u).

7. Based on point 2 and 4 - decide the order in which chapters to be completed (keeping in mind Revision).

8. We need to prepare here our own notes (how to prepare it- will be dealt in my seperate article).

    Notes must be prepared in  a systematic  manner so  that revision  is done smoothly.

9. few Days before exam or during Revision period , students are often confused about how to start revision, what to study, how to study and from where to study . in order to avoid such confusions we need to prepare a strategy which will help us to do initial study and revisions in systematic manner. (In my upcoming article i will be highlighting on this point.).

10. Studies of any subject must be in  parts . 1) Initial preparation (first round of study). 2) First revision . 3) Second revision (if time permits) 4) final revision before exams.


Friends  , please note that i am also one of CA final student and has a dream of becoming CA, but this requires many factors like Self Confidence ,  Patience , Hard work, Smart Work, Systematic Study Plan and implementation of Same , Time management , etc.

I have made a small attempt by writing above article for benefit of all of us . As mentioned above in my article i will be posting detailed discussion on points mentioned in  above article .(also additional important points- For any Suggestions, Queries and Feedback ,Please mail to my email id nml_2006 @ rediffmail.com. Sorry Friends for my lenghty article.







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