Unable to amend the wrong date of invoice on the portal, please help.

Reena (Partner) (209 Points)

07 December 2022  

I may 2022, the year in one the invoices was mentioned as 2021 instead of 2022 by mistake. The info was furnished in the IFF. GSTR-1 of that quarter (June 2022) has already been filed. The client has just informed us about as they noticed that in their GSTR-2B and wants us to amend that.

When we try to amend that, it doesn't detect that invoice in the current financial year (because the date was mentioned as 2021 by mistake). So even though the invoice was uploaded in May 2022, it is not showing that invoice in the amendment section of GSTR IFF as it is taking as an invoice from the previous financial year.

Please help, how can we sort this issue out.