Threshold limit

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03 May 2013  

As per Revised Schedule VI separate disclosure is also required for the following items which are classified under ‘Other Expenses’:

(a) Consumption of stores and spare parts;

(b) Power and fuel;

(c) Rent;

(d) Repairs to buildings;

(e) Repairs to machinery;

(f) Insurance;

(g) Rates and taxes, excluding taxes on income;

(h) Miscellaneous expenses.

The threshold for disclosure of ‘Miscellaneous Expenses’ is changed to those that exceed ‘1% of revenue from operations or Rs.100,000 whichever is higher’ as against the requirement of pre-revised Schedule VI of ‘1% of total revenue or Rs.5,000 whichever is higher’.


My question is whether this threshold limit of miscellaneous expenses apply to partnership also or only to companies???