The secret of opportunities....

Durga prasad Ambati (Taxation, Pursuing CA) (737 Points)

17 January 2012  


Giving opens up the door to receiving. You have so many opportunities to give every day.
Give kind words. Give a smile. Give appreciation and love. Give compliments.

You can give courtesy to other motorists while you are driving.

You can give a smile to the car parking attendant.

You can give a warm greeting to the newspaper stand person or the person who makes your coffee.

You can give by allowing a stranger to go ahead of you into an elevator, and you can give by asking which floor they are going to and pressing the button for them.

If someone drops something you can give a helping hand and pick it up for them.


You can give warm embraces to those you love. And you can give appreciation and encouragement to everyone.
There are so many opportunities for you to give and thereby open the door to receiving.


  • Rhonda Byrne
    The Secret... bringing joy to billions