The most beautiful thing in the world

CA Smit Shah (B.Com, M.Com, C.A) (759 Points)

24 July 2013  

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World


Once there lived a painter who wished to create the most beautiful painting in the world. And so he carried his wooden paint  box and set off to travel throughout the lands, looking for the most beautiful thing in the world.


One day, he met a brave  warrior on his way and he asked him, " What is the most beautiful thing in the world?". The warrior answered, "Peace." and   left. The painter shakes his head with disappointment because he couldn't paint peace.


Next, he came across a beautiful young maiden and he asked again, "what is the most beautiful thing in the world?". The  maiden replied without hesitation, "love.." The  painter was disappointed again as he couldn't paint love.


Finally, he came across an old preacher on the road, and he asked him, " What is the most beautiful thing in the world?".  The old preacher answered, "faith" and went his way. The painter can only shake his head in disappointment again because  he couldn't paint faith.


Having failed to find the most beautiful thing in the world, he was sadly forced to go home. As he was arriving at his gate of  his house, his son ran out of the house with his face beaming with joy to meet him, crying out, "Daddy, Daddy...". His wife  followed and gave him a kiss to welcome him home. Suddenly the painter realised he had found the most beautiful thing in  the world.... From his son, he found the faith of a young child in his father, from the kiss from his beloved wife, he found the  love of a lifetime. And it is in this love, warmth and joy in his family, that he found peace. And so the painter did complete his painting of the most beautiful thing in the world. It was none other than his home.


In the prevalent materialism in this world, it is good to remember that true beauty actually lies in simple things. And perhaps  e overlook often beauty beneath our noses as our understanding of beauty itself is sadly skin-deep. For those are beautiful,  attraction & adoration may only last for a while.

For with time, it is eventually what lies in your heart that matters. Let your beauty be both inward & outward then.