Test your general knowledge-2.

PIYUSH SINGH (student) (2471 Points)

19 December 2011  

Hello Friends & Respected CCI members.I am starting my G.K POST.Hope you all like it.Your comments are welcome. Here are questions Try to answer them.


1.Name the Prize which is also known as Asian Nobel?

2. Name the persons who have Won all 4 civil honours( i.e Bharat Ratan ,Padam vibhusan, Padam bhusan, Padam shri)?

3.India's Longest Train Route?

4. "The Real Thing is Coming" was the first advertisement of what in 1983 India?

5. In Film Classification what is PG?

6. The world's highest Restaurant is situated where?

7. Name the country that set the record as the one with the longest time without goverment in 2011?

8.With which sport do you associate 'Deepika Pallikal'?

9. What is the biggest Margin of WIN/loss in Test match cricket?

10. In which field 'MERLIN AWARD' is given?