TDS2 and Form 26AS differences and editing in one click selection

Rocks Parss (234 Points)

29 August 2021  

The tax deducted at source uploaded in TDS2 is less than the Form26AS downloaded from TRACES. Further all the TDS entries prefilled come as errors at the time of validation due to the missing fields viz TDS pertains to Self or for other persons and TDS is for which Head of Income so one has to select the radio button from drop down for both the aforesaid fields for all TDS entries. If one selects the the square at the heading all entries do get selected butthen one can only delete as the edit button is greyed out and cannot be selected. Hence one has to select individual entries and even if the answer or selection is same for all the innumerable entries like TDS pertaining to SELF and Head of Income being Income from other sources still one has to individually select each entry and update and save the correct answer for all entries resulting in unnecessary avoidable time consuming work. Any solution to this? Kindly revert