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TDS 2 not fully populated from Form 26AS and not up to date

Rocks Parss (220 Points)

04 September 2021  

On validation we found that there wer more than hundered errors - all pertained to TDS2 where the data populated from Form 26AS did not contain the fields "TDS credit pertains to" one has to select Self or other person and second "Head of Income" - in our case one had to select Income from other sources. There were more than hundred TDS entries and all of them on validation were thrown out as error. Though the answer was same for all of the hundreds of entries we had to individually select each and every of the hundred plus entries and select from the drop down, save and confirm and proceed further. If we check and select the heading in TDS2 where all entries get selected the EDIT button gets greyed out and one cannot select; only the Delete button can be selected. Any experience/feedback of the issue? Have others faced such issue? Is there a way one can select all entries and they get updated en masse with the answer being same for all?

In case of any calrifications as regards the query kindly revert too.


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Rocks Parss (220 Points)
Replied 05 September 2021

Thank You Sir - have sent email & posted grievance - hope they consider and permit..

Rocks Parss (220 Points)
Replied 05 September 2021

In case of large number of TDS entries eg in HUF if one holds say more than 50 companies shares then all dividends declared by such companies would deduct TDS so one would have to individually enter maybe 100 entries ( 2 dividends per year) - very unproductive time consuming work to do in todays digital era..

Dhirajlal Rambhia (SEO Sai Gr. Hosp.) (108655 Points)
Replied 06 September 2021

Yes, that is true; but ITD is still in initial stage, trying to cope up with the digital arena. Hope in few years time everything will be ready for you. Just sign and upload.

Rocks Parss (220 Points)
Replied 12 September 2021

@ Dhirajlal Rambhia - we were individually rectifying the errors of TDS-2 for each entry - now toady we started facing new issue - the earlier errors were getting replaced by new error "PAN is mandatory" and all our HUF TDS2 entries are coming as that errors - more than 100!! Any idea? 

Is there a difference between online and offline? What do you suggest for succeffully completing and submitting ITR?

Kindly revert. Tahnks.


Rocks Parss (220 Points)
Replied 12 September 2021

And worse we could not find anyway of removing "PAN is mandatory" error - they just remain & persist !! This was not happening till yesterday. !!


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