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Swiss Bank Account of Rajiv Gandhi -

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DAdenwala (CA) (53 Points)
Replied 16 August 2011

aaj congress kal koi aur....

when will this end??

what is the cure of this corruption disease??

mahendra kumar dwivedi (job) (78 Points)
Replied 16 August 2011

That is a bdd side of poltician.

Replied 16 August 2011

Manish Tiwary (Spoke Person of congress, Mentally ill Also) must see this topic & should tell about this fact to media before alleging Anna Hajare.

Kapil Sibbal (Union HRD Minister) & Manish Tiwary (Spoke Person of congress) First clear your allegations and then point fingers at Anna Hajare.

There is no comparision between 2.5 billion swiss francs & Rs.2.20 lakhs used by Anna Hajare for his birthday celebration which had been reimbursed by him.

gaurang (student ca) (46 Points)
Replied 17 August 2011

guys i forwaded this link to several reporters.. they promised to take appropriate actions after confirming authentication of this report... kindly u guys also fwd his link to as many news channels as possible... n moderators plz dnt delete this link

Shrikant Subramanian (Chartered Accountant) (176 Points)
Replied 17 August 2011

The current Facebook generation needs to understand first of all what is corruption? As far as Anna Hazare movement is concerned, youngsters first need to understand - is really goverment's version of Lokpal is really bad? No. It does not contain PM to be included thats all. The Prime Minister should be excluded from the purview of the bill as he is already covered under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the CBI can investigate. Morever if that clause is included then the bill could be used by foreign powers to “destabilise” the nation as if the Prime Minister was included under the Bill, he cannot function as he would have to focus more on defending himself against the accusations.It would seriously dent the PM’s authority even if charges were proved wrong. Moreover parties like nonsecular or religious minded polictical parties will try to oppose the PM , who MAY BE A broad minded and nice person. Offcourse if a PM is found to be a fraud, nationwide protest would be made and PM can be removed. So there is no need for PM to be included in Lokpal Bill. Anna and presently even other parties , desperate to be back in public eyes and power, are cashing on , in this so called jokepal bill, introduced by Govt. Reality is Lokpal is not really as made out to be by some sections of society and The establishment of Lokayukta as said by Govt will tackle state-level corruption and will serve as a helping hand to the Supreme Court too as probing in every case of CBI is not possible. Remeber our PM Manmohan Singh , DOESNOT have problem in him personally being included.as everyone knows and is of opinion that he is utmost honest person and has been a grea financial minister too. Goverment is only relenting on having PM and top level official under that purview in this bill thats all, that too so that no one destablises any governments' PM in the future that easily..without proper reasons or with wrong accusations. Also the recent scams have exposed corruption in DMK, SP and BJP parties and not Congress persons directly . Also those who are gulity, be it from any party, must be punished but not those who are innocent. Am not supporting any party rightnow, but saying this wastage of energy and money happening on promoting few guys of Anna Team , is bringing our nation down and gives impression that a good governance can be brought down easily. Media and younsters need to be responsible. Last two days, what has been happening? Why no one questions who is funding the SMS being forwarded, the event management company and people who are arranging TV interviews and schedule with different channels, what about Sawant Commission charges imposed on Kisan Baburao read PM 's statement - https://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/newdelhi/PM-defends-Anna-s-arrest-says-his-path-is-totally-misconceived/Article1-734168.aspx, Our Goverment , at the top, is already pressing for Lokpal Bill, DTC and GST bills but its being delayed by others and not our govt. If the highest executives and judicial officers are included in the purview of Jan Lokpal Bill, there will be 'total anarchy. Read them https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/India-against-corruption-Kapil-Sibals-father-slams-Annas-agitation/articleshow/9623836.cms

rahul kashyap (CA FINAL) (23 Points)
Replied 17 August 2011


Attached File : 251988 805258 aravind kejrival vs rahul gandhi.pdf downloaded: 205 times

R SUBRAMANIAN (NA) (56 Points)
Replied 17 August 2011

Originally posted by : Sumeet Bhardwaj
भारत का सबसे बड़ा चोर ....
Politics: Swiss Bank Account of Rajiv Gandhi

Attached is a photo from a Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustriertein (November 1991) - it shows the top holders of Swiss bank accounts at the time.

Rajiv appears in the august company of other dictators like Saddam Hussein, Suharto of Indonesia, etc.

The text below Rajiv's photo reads: Rajiv Gandhi, Indian, Holds 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (eq. to 13,200 Crores in 1991).

Till date, the Congress party has never refuted / spoken about these allegations.

These are our great leaders on whose birth & death anniversaries the government uses the tax payer's money to lavishly advertise their so-called 'achievements' in all national newspapers!

This is the order of the day and hence ANNA movement.

Ankita (Article) (58 Points)
Replied 18 August 2011

Congress sarkar Brashtachari hi nhi Atyachari bhi h.

Shyam Baheti (Senior Accountant) (81 Points)
Replied 18 August 2011

Bharat ko Bapu ke time se gandhi loot rahe hai, magar anna ab jage hai...

sab sath do to naya bharat banega or nayi subh hogi

Kumar Babu.G (Chartered Accountant) (1597 Points)
Replied 19 August 2011

It is sure that every politician is indulged in corruption.It is good that all Indians are united in the war against corruption.

Abhishek (C.A Final Student) (50 Points)
Replied 20 August 2011

DOGGY DIGI won't say anything on this ..  maximum he can say that "This posted paper article is fake".


Rajiv died earlier... and i hope same for sonia and rahul ... :D


crazy diggy will say that rss is responsible for this.....he along with manish tewari are the biggest clowns of indian politics.

Tushar Desai (Manager - Finance & Accounts)   (834 Points)
Replied 26 August 2011

show this to Soniya or Rahul Gandhi or to any Congress Man!!!



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Jayant (CA, CS Final) (171 Points)
Replied 26 August 2011

It is sure that every politician is indulged in corruption

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