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Study strategy for Final: ALL at one place

Page no : 7

Maya Delves (Student) (481 Points)
Replied 12 January 2011

@   All : Been very busy all these days with my business, so couldn't thank you promptly. Thanks a lot guys. Hope I can be of better help to you.

@ Raghav: It would be great for you to go with vaitheeswaran as that is more than sufficient for theory. Practical problems alone go with a book which has a lot of those. If bangar has got sums then go with bangar for sums. All theory, please go with vaitheeswaran only.

Yes for both DT and IDT case laws are very important

All the best

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CA. Raghav Goyal (CA Practice) (150 Points)
Replied 19 January 2011

Cud u plz tell wat is this Practise module in ISCA. How can we get this??

N plz also tell whether we need the latest edition of Dinesh Madan for MAY 2011 due to any amendment??

CA. Raghav Goyal (CA Practice) (150 Points)
Replied 19 January 2011

Do anyone has any opinion upon how to prepare for ALLIED LAWS???...

FCA Tapan (Article) (26 Points)
Replied 25 January 2011

heya! how was your final result maya and others who followed this study plan??

FCA Tapan (Article) (26 Points)
Replied 25 January 2011

Though this strategy of your looks good, how was your result Maya? and others who followed this study plan,,

Maya Delves (Student) (481 Points)
Replied 25 January 2011

Hello Guys,

I am happy to share that I have scored 422 marks and passed the exam. I followed most of them i have said in the strategy.

I have been a bit lazy in some places and left some major issues for choice. But god's grace got me through.

I still tell you all to follow the same strategy seriously. I guarentee a rank.


Idhuvum Kadandhupgum


revathibadna (F&A lead) (84 Points)
Replied 26 January 2011

Hey mayaa

congratulations I am very happy to know that you are a chartered now. along with ur preparation u tried helping others also. Thats really great.

I didnt  write in November.I am planning to write in May now. and I am left with second  group.

I will use ur strategy n planning schedule thanks alot for ur input

Keep writing n heling members like me







Sowmya.G (CA) (426 Points)
Replied 27 January 2011

Hello maya...ur article is really great!!!very useful for last minute preparations....ur honest views and real life experiences make it so worthy....keep contributing....

Ranotosh Podder (ca student) (394 Points)
Replied 28 January 2011

Congratulations, CA Maya Delves

Aishwarya (CA Final) (340 Points)
Replied 09 February 2011

Hi Maya

Congratulations. It is also your good-hearted nature of helping others that let you win over the exams. Keep up the good work.

gunapriya (student) (45 Points)
Replied 09 February 2011

gr8 work. very helpful. thanks a lot. i wasted my last exam without having any clear idea on hw to focus all papers in 2.5 months. i just saw ur article now. really helpful. thanks. i will do my best in this May 2011.

Suresh Prasad ( (15575 Points)
Replied 09 February 2011

Aishwarya (CA Final) (340 Points)
Replied 14 February 2011

prachi (CA) (27 Points)
Replied 25 February 2011

fab wrk!!!!!! can u pls tell wat is the supplemetary material u've meentioned for dt n idt?

Viraj (Mr.) (21 Points)
Replied 27 February 2011

1. Please finish QT along with all theory in that segment. total-30 marks Please ensure you get 25 on 30 in QT. please do not leave any topic as choice thinking you can compnesate. please work out all problems.

What does QT mean ? It is mentioned in the costing section

Thanks a lot

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