State Govt DDO TAN Registration on Income Tax Portal - AIN Number Clarification

Uttam Saha (5 Points)

24 August 2023  

While trying to register a state government DDO TAN on the income tax portal - the registration process is asking for AIN.

The state government DDO does not have AIN, but for 24G puposes is mapped to  a  PAO who has AIN. This combination of PAO AIN and State Govt DDO TAN is used to obtain the BIN details for TDS return.

With regard to State Govt DDO registration on Income Tax Portal is my query is as follows:

Whether we are required to use the PAO AIN to which the state govt. DDO TAN is mapped to the for 24G purpose


Does the State Govt. DDO need to obtain a new AIN 

Kindly guide.