Starting practicing before passing

highlyambitious (just student) (333 Points)

07 June 2015  

Dear Friends

This caclub platform has been a great help for me over the years. I have asked so many questions about my career over here and have got good guidance over the years.

I am a company secretary student. But i havent completed the course since long. I am so dumb that i took 3 years to complete intermediate....But i didnt quit

I was working somewhere else in unrelated field, but quit that job to do CS management training....I made a remarkable decision then...I had worked for 2 years in a prominent listed company and gained immense experience.

Now i cleared cs final 2 modules in my first attempt and i was shocked beyond belief. However i just gave remaining 2 modules. But didnt do that well. However I am confident to clear it next time.

Now I want to start my own Practice and start a compliance consulting firm. Even if i pass which may take another 6 months , i will definitely start my own practice, since i dont want to work .

However I just want your guidance on how i can start Practice now and what are the services that i can provide. I feel i can provide the following services

  • Incorporation .

  • Registration under various laws.

  • assisting companies which are not required to appoint cs mandatorily.

  • Statutory record maintenance.

  • Due dilligence

  • compliance audit.

I know that i need to have certification from qualified cs to finish many of my tasks. However i can get it done through by qualified buddies.

Please give me feedback on my plan....Thankyou