Shaheen - the story continues-1


14 March 2014  


The time was different now. Shaheen was now of 14. She was not only beautiful but intelligent too. She was in ninth. She was in secondary  school and Armaan and Samyra were in high school. Shaheen was very mischievous that timed. But she always achieved first rank of the exams. Her favorite subject was Math because she loved the math’s mam. Mam was very loving and very confident about Shaheen’ s intelligence. Shaheen always searched opportunity to sit near mam and learn math’s problems.


Shaheen was very popular in school because she was ranker as well as beautiful. She was in 9th but looked like collegian girl. She was studying in girl’s school owned by trust.Shaheen has three friends  - Aarti, pahini and pratibha.  Shaheen loved her friends very much and enjoyed a lot the school life. Shaheen was from the starting weak in sports and rarely participated in sports game. Shaheen was not physical as strong as her boy showed. But that was not the age to worry about . So shaheen felt so but never complained that thing to parents. Shaheen studied very well in school, played the games and did lot of masti with friends. Actually shaheen has five friends. I forget to write about samyra and Armaan. Each of them   had strong feelings towards one another. And it  lasted forever in shaheen’s life.


Rehman (shaheen’s father) ‘s financial condition was much better now. He was owner of furniture shop now. He purchased and sold the furniture and earned good enough. Shaheen was very near to papa. As she was younger from the children, Rehman loved her little more. Opposite to it, Shaheen’s mom always cared more for samyra and Armaan as she very well knew about Shaheen’s nature and understanding. Shaheen was very similar to her mom as she was very less demanding for things . But one thing shaheen always demanded was true feelings.


All the days were very well but one new person entered in Shaheen’s life which brought change in Shaheen ‘s life . (read more in next part . Thanks for reading . comments and suggestions are welcomed . I am writing a story first time)