Service tax registration

kumar vivek (CA) (190 Points)

08 February 2013  

Dear members

We were trying to get service tax registration for a client. We filled the online form ST-1 and was allotted application number AAAAA1234ASD001. However, the client failed to provide the relevant documents within 15 days from the date of online application. As per the service tax legislation, the online application shall be annulled if the physical documents are not filed within 15 days.

However, we filed a ST-1 application again and was allotted application number AAAAA1234ASD002. 

We are not very sure whether this should be the correct registration number as it ends with SD002 which prima facie means the client has two registrations under its PAN. We withdrew the first registration ST-1 after the expiration of 15 days.  

Does anyone has an idea or is familiar with the solution to the said situation?