Revalidation of registration

SAURABH NENE (Chartered Accountant) (226 Points)

18 December 2013  

I have received e-mail from ICAI. (At least it is so claimed in the mail) But the address of the sender is email @ I am not aware of any such mail ID of ICAI

Further mail is about, revalidation of registration. I have been asked to send a scan copy of re-validation letter received from ICAI to a mail ID mentioned in it. final_abc @ Further it is mentioed that, failing to send the copy of re-validation registration letter, my result for Nov-13 exam might be withhold.

Please tell me if any one here has received any such mail and if this mail is valid mail from ICAI or is it spam. At least from mail ID's mentioned over there, it doesn't seem to be genuine.


Saurabh Nene