Replace CR/DR with +/- in Excel by simple steps

Ritesh Bijlani (23 Points)

12 September 2023  

How to replace Dr/Cr with +/- in Excel of Data Exported from Tally by 2 ways.

1) In Excel, select the amounts and then go to Ctrl + F then type _Cr (Spacebar Cr) then go to Lookin menu and select values then find all option then select all resulted lines and colour it from home menu and close Ctrl+F. You will find all Cr as coloured and you can apply formula in blank cell =Concatenate("-", Cell)

2) In Tally, Export data in ASCII Mode then that exported file will open in text format then copy all data from that in paste in Excel sheet then select all data and go to Text to Data Column menu then Delimiter then select comma menu then finish.