Rectification order u/s 154 returns with same demand

Sunil Verma (119 Points)

08 June 2022  

Incorrect TAN (MUMI04992B) was entered instead of correct (MUMI04922B) in TDS schedule of ITR-2 AY 2019-20.

Rectification was filed in response to DEMAND order. Latest EXCEL utility PR 5.3 was downloaded and original filed XML was used to populate data. After making necessary correction in TDS schedule and validation, new XML was generated and loaded while filing rectification request. (I used same process for another rectification and got demand nullified)

Now with same demand order second time, I am back to square and don't know what to do ? 

While filing original return I used EXCEL utility PR2. Only option left for me is to use utility PR2 and generate XML after making correction in TDS schedule for repeat rectification request.

Any suggestion or comment will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Sunil Verma