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17 January 2011  

hello everyone...

i am currently under 100 hour IT training.....My centre allows leave for 2 days max. during the whole training period...i am urgently in need of 4 days leave e.e only 2 days extra.....Now my center is not ready to grant me 2 days extra leave and said if i take an extra day leave i will hav to complete it in the next month and that too 3 times the number of days i was absent...that means if i take 1 day extra leave i have to wait for next batch and then i will have to attend the class for 6 days.......

i wanna know if the provisions are same at other places too??? and is this justified???? i am ready to complete 100 hours in the next batch but asking me to come 3 times the number of days i was absent is not acceptable....anyone can suggest me any solution...????

i told them its urgent as m out of station  and not just bunking for fun but they said even GHAR ME KISI KI DEATH BHI HO JAYE YA STUDENT KITNA BHI BEEMAR KYUN NA HO THE RULES WILL BE SAME>.....what kind of justification is this???????hame CA BANNE BHEJA HAI ya unke rules follow karne..???kya wo log khud ICAI ke saare rules follow karte hain?????