pcc law tips

CA Swapnil (job ) (1205 Points)

28 July 2009  


Some tips for law.........................

The expected weightage is as follows:-

1)Companies Act -   30 -35 marks

2)Contract act - 10 marks

3) Negotiable instruments Act - 10 marks

4) Gratuity ,Bonus ,PF Act - 5 marks each.

2) Divide your answer into  4 parts.( FACTS , PROVISIONS,ANALYSIS ,CONCLUSION)

3) Write your answers in point wise as it will fetch more marks & the presentation becomes more lucid.

4) It is not necessary to write down sections in your answers.Remember u r judged on the basis of what u have understood & interpreted...the principle underlying the section to be written properly & not the section number...there is always a chance of u forgetting the section & quoting the wrong section is intellectual HARA -KIRI.

5) Attempt ETHICS & COMMUNICATION  first.The weightage of each is 20 marks.While studying one can finish the bonus & gratuity acts first as they are small compared to others.

6)Remember the law paper is a case study based paper.Solve as many case studies as possible.Read a particular principle or a section and solve case studies based on it immediately.

7)Padhuka ,Munish Bhandari are good books which one can refer..the language in law is very important.the legal  jargon needs to present in the answers..

8)Solving PREVIOUS QUESTION PAPERS and practising case studies to sharpen skills will definitely help...the case studies given in ICAI Module are solved in padhuka.

9) Stress on all topics  is important as questions on all topics are asked.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU......................