Partition of shares & stocks in physical form?

naval rungta (70 Points)

22 September 2023  
Due to intestate demise and fraudsters in the family it has not been possible to distribute the shares held by him in physical form (Demat facility was not introduced in 1996).

Other legal heirs didn't not comply with the queries raised in 2009 during hearing of application for LOA in favour of 3 legal heirs and matter was revived in 2021 and finally LOA was obtained in January 2023.

But once again other two legal heirs are not moving ahead in the matter with intention to black mail me.

These shares in physical form are in my custody and others are in the custody of Bank of India in the Demat form.

Under the circumstances I have to go for partion of assets of deceased father. The approx value at market rate is quite high and I am ready to pay Rs.Lacs for court fee and advocate's fee.

Please guide how to go about it. TIA