Omg!!! the best motivational video everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

CA Srikanth Yadav (Chartered Accountant) (3162 Points)

10 February 2013  


This one is the most extraodinary video I ever watched (among inspirational)!!! It can't get better than this. This is the ultimate one!!! I can even say it is a life changing video!!! OMG, it's just awesome!!! If you follow this video, succeess is guaranteed for sure!!!


(whether in your academics or in your profession or whatever, but success is assured folks). 


I would like to give an insight of what it talks about. There's a saying, "if you go behind success, you'll be stressed; but if you strive for excellence, success is guaranteed." (not necessarily the same words; but more or less the meaning). And this video goes exactly the other way around against that saying.


 I got a doubt after watching this video: "How can anyone not be inspired by this? Is that even possible?"

(The link to this video was given by my Sri Lankan dude; so I'm very thankful to him)



One of the top comments to this video was: "My butterfly watched this, it is now a dragon". And I can say this is the most apt comment to this video. So it is my utmost request to everyone of you to please do watch this video and I assure you that "you'll get the feeling of a champion and the world will be yours."


The length of the video is 14 minutes and 49 seconds. So in the beginning it might be a little boring; but please maintain some patience and watch the entire video. Good luck!!! Here is the link: