Office Management Software (OfficeIG 1.4)

pankaj Shukla (Manager) (31 Points)

20 August 2008  

OfficeIG 1.4 (Office Management Software)


OfficeIG is an office Management software which is being used mainly by Advocates and Chartered Accountants for time management, managing the database of Client Bills, Receipts, Personal Bills, Staff Deadlines, staff  Attendance, Project management and costing, Cheque Paid/Collected and cheque printing, Files Catalogs, IT Returns Database, Judicial Cases and hearings, CHALLAN forms printing for Punjab & Chandigarh. Various detailed reports are included which help someone to manage the office in professional way.

Key Features

OfficeIG is multiuser and multifirm Office Management Software which can be operated on LAN and can handle multi firms Databases with admin and user login privileges. Other features are ...

1. Reminders of customized important Dates like Birthday's, Anniversaries, Festivals.
2. Schedule organizer which reminds on the screen for next 2 jobs and optional daily report which includes your whole schedules, important works for that day.
3. Staff Deadlines and their reminders when deadline is over.
4. Client's Database
5. IT Returns Database
6. Judicial Cases' Database and reminder of Hearing Dates for each cases.
7. File Catalogs which helps you to organize your soft and hard copy of files and papers.
8. Cheque Collected/Paid Database and Cheque printing facility for your customized cheque formats.
9. Personal Bills Database and reminder for last date of submission of that bill.
10. Staff Database and Projects Database management as well as project costing and billing depends on the hours devoted by staff members.
11. Detailed Reports of the features mentioned above.

15 days evaluation copy of OfficeIG 1.4 can be downloaded from:


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