MICS I.Tech.Act2008 !! 11 Ques by ICAI

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13 March 2010  




See the Page No. 58 of this document.... IT Act (Amended 2008)


Any of these question can be asked in this May2010 exams...

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Self -examination questions
1. What are the major objectives of enacting the Information Technology Act, 2000?
2. What all are included in the definition of computer network, computer system, and data under the Act?
3. What is a secure system under Information Technology Act, 2000? Has the act suggested any technical standards for a system to be recognized as a secured system?
4. What is a digital signature? What are the attributes of a digital signature and explain that how is a document authenticated through a digital signature?
5. Explain, in short, how does enactment of Information Technology Act, 2000 paves the way for electronic governance in India?
6. What are the duties of a subscriber of a digital signature?
7. What are the major penal provisions under Information technology Act, 2000?
8. What are the powers of Cyber Appellate Tribunal? When can one make an appeal to the tribunal?
9. What are the powers of a Police Officer under the Information Technology Act to enter and search a public place?
10. What are the liabilities of companies under section 85 of the Information Technology Act?
11. Discuss the major differences between original IT Act 2000 and ITAA 2008?