Mcq papers

suseela (dddd) (41 Points)

15 August 2019  

This is very sorry to say that the Institute included MCQ pattern in Audit & C Law & other papers to help students to score maximum marks without any deduction in the 30 mark area. But the way marks awarded to these papers are doubtful as the lowest marks I scored in Audit & C.Law after performing well in MCQ questions. I doubt the valuation methods of Institute. Is it a trap or helping tool ?? As I am a student from Final Old Scheme having struggling to clear Gr-1 for last 4yrs, my suggestion to the Instituite is to keep valuations as usual & not to adopt new methods to reduce marks as it is already very difficult to clear CA final Audit & C.Law, now lowered again marks. Give the benefits of MCQ questions to the students preparing 1000s of MCQs.