Malfeasance at the lower level and approved by top

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18 November 2022  



Did anyone suffer dogmatism from companies? Im facing their opprobrium from all walks of life including Police. People contact me merrily all the time and tell me im great. They are all oriented managers, advisors, house wives and MSME business owners. For the first time, I said shutup to acquaintances. Im MBA and MSc= CA+ Gazatted officer for India. I have contributed professionalism here and made sure no one can compete with me in Indas & IFRS. Again some beggar called me uneducated just now. (I cant ask everyone who does that to visit my CA blog plus they are drunk) Jow does it hurt you all? It doesnt because you all have lower knowledged CA certifications than me and working in a KPO? Why? Im there as the knowledge man. Why does a CA become a CEO all the time? Im here to be one. Indian educated are beggars in MBA and who neither appreciate my quest for knowledge nor the intelligence I have already acquired. O pray my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, these men from unholy religions must be condemned cauze they cant test a Cjristian like me. Lord, I pray to you asking you to make sure that I will never meet anyone in poor peoples children. Lol

Im the gladiator of CA club and have I not entertained you enough with my apex knowledge? How many times had I not corrected AS accountants errors here? and MBA poor people including their owners are stealing money from every professional employee.  It must stop! Even Elon Musk doeznt condone MBA's let alone Im far higher like a fairy and no one realises that lol.

If anyone has a doubt on my cadre, visit my philosophies published on  (i do my own research without any guidance on principlez)

MBA here never andwered her cause I ripped their hesrts out over cadhflowd. Some deleted their sccounts after confronting me here and Quora. So why is Bangalore eagre to pay me less? Jealousy and CAarticles are the same


Txd I think you all got my message.