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bobby (CA FINAL- cleared 1st group)   (586 Points)

06 January 2012  

When someone walks out of your life, let them. They are just making room for someone better to walk in.

Sometimes the best thing to do for you is to let certain people leave your life. Though it may be a hard thing to do, because of the love you once shared for someone, or the time you feel you wasted if they just exit from your life now, it is probably for the better. Remember that this world is equipped with billions of people so there is probably always someone out there who will love u with more compassion, give you more of their time, tell you how much they appreciate and love you, and many other things to make you feel more loved than ever.

Getting over a person you were with, for whom you had a vast amount of love for, and shared a great amount of time and memories with is always a difficult process, and may take years, but it is always for the best. Trying to live with a broken heart is a difficult time in life, and may last for an extended period of time. During this time it is important that you get up and out, and make something of it.
Use the energy you want to spend on being angry and hurt for good, and do things like immerse yourself in your work, exercise, or finding God. If you learn how to channel this negative energy and use it to create positive investments in yourself daily, by the time your heart is healed you will be very well off.