Law exam writing tips


These are the five Important points i would like to tell you, so that you can correct your mistakes.

1. Practice by writing, not by looking.

Start writing what you prepared on a book.

By simply looking, all topics will be easy and in exam hall, it will become difficult to remember the points.

For Example, if you just studied the question 'Alteration of Articles', write it on a book to test yourself.

2. Length is no important

Based on my certified copies, i came to know that, even when the answer i have written is only 3/4th of the page, still i scored maximum marks.

What is important is, the vocabulary you used and how well you related your answer to the question given.

3. Section Numbers are Necessary (Not All)

Quoting Section numbers for few questions will bring good impression from examiner point of view.

You don't need to remember all section numbers. Just remember a few.

If yu answered 10 question in exam, make sure that sections are quoted for at least 2 answers.

4. ICAI Study Material is best

Study from ICAI Study Material. In fact, the new study material released by ICAI for New Syllabus students is very good.

I would refer old students to use this material for preparing Company Law portion.

Most topics are similar for both students.

5. Format of Answer:

While writing any practical answer from Law, Divide it into 4 paragraphs.

In the first para, Write the provision from the Act, and quote the section number or reference to the act.

In Second Para, Explain the Provision written in First Para.

In Third, Explain how your answer is related to the question given.

In Fourth Para, give a conclusion to the question.

Remember, When you study Law, Prepare as if you are a CA and getting knowledge to answer a client's Question.


This will give you good boost in preparing for exams.

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