Its urgent ---on scrutiny matter

Ms. BHUVI GARG (Tax Consultant/Advocate)   (33 Points)

29 December 2011  

In the concerned case a bogus purchase was made by the assessee who is having a business of wholesale Iron and steel.But all the bills and payments were verifiable as made through Cheque. Now A.O. after investigating found out that it was a bogus party and so he demands to add the purchase of this 1 crore into assessee's income in full value.

Our contention is divided in two parts which he rejects to accept:-

1. This matter is not connected to Income Tax Authority and should be look into by Sales Tax Authority.

2. Secondly, when we are able to prove the creditwothiness of the said purchase party by chq.,PAN,address then why addition is made?

3. Lastly, if the purchases are bogus then in the same proportion sales should also be treated bogus and effect will be nil.

Please guide URGENTLY THROUGH any Case Law as A.O. is not ready with any of the above contentions we said.