IT rules in AY 2024-25

Amit Kumar Das (Retd) (236 Points)

09 June 2024  

I am a resident Indian sr citizen below 80 yrs of age. My sources of income for FY 2023-24 are the following.

1.Govt pension  2.SB interest  3.FD interest  and 4. Annuity from LICI

In addition, I gained slightly more than Rs.1 lakh from redemption of ELSS for which I will have to pay LTCG on a paltry sum of about Rs. 5600/-

My gross income is a little more than Rs. 15 lakh

Under the above scenario, am I  entitled to any deductions under new tax regime?

If yes, what are the deductions?

Would be obliged for guidance of experts.