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24 July 2012  


                          HOW TO SCORE GOOD MARKS IN ISCA


Dynamics of 60 +


Well …......................


You are sitting in the exam hall.


The wonderful question paper is given in white and black.



You are trying to recollect




Some words are only coming into your mind


Some thing like “system”


Some where you remember “cycle”


Some “transaction processing”


Ooops ……


Apart from that


Nothing is happening !!!!!!!


we can say .... wonderfull moments !!!!


Then what to do ???



A strategy only will help, to win in CA Exams.


Practice manuals …… THE BOON.


We whole-heartedly appreciate the efforts of Team ICAI



Lets start .  . Here we gooooo.




We can observe that many people have got less than 60.


Well ladies and gentlemen !


This is the paper , in which you have to score 60 +.


Oh yaahh… its possible…its possible… its possible….


Bye the way , are you aware that many students, all over India have got 60 + in ISCA in Nov 2011 CA Final Exams ?????


Are you aware that some students have got 90 + in ISCA in Nov 2011 CA Final Exams.




Wa  wa whattt ? 90 ahhhhhh ? in ISSSSCAAA HHHHH ???


Yessss. It’s a fact.


But ,,, but,,, howwww ???


Lets see.



How many chapters are there in total ?




Only 10


Now which chapter is important ?




Write down in big bold letters


EVERY  CHAPTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Iffff …..




Target ……


Is …….


60 +












prioritize …..




every topic is equally important !!!!!!





what next ???


lets look at Practice manuals.


Lets add up the questions in each chapter and entire Practice Manual.


It totals up to some where around  170 questions.


Even if you study and try to remember 10 questions in a day, you are looking at somewhere around 17 days.


Even if you are doing 5 questions every day, you are looking at somewhere around 34 days.


If we do small small things every day,

Big tasks are taken care automatically.


Lets take chapter 1.


There are some where around 20 + questions.…..Right ????


Group theses questions in various categories.




Questions relating to “System”


Questions relating to “Management Information System”


Questions relating to “Human Resource System”


Questions relating to “DSS”


Questions relating to “EIS”


So on……


You know what ???


When you do such grouping


You will come up with something very special !!!!!



Well … what is that ?




The points covered for “System”


May be different from


The points covered for “Management Information System”



The points covered for “DSS”


May be different from


The points covered for “EIS”



But many students write in general !!!!!!!!


Marks also will come in general !!!!!!!



What is that very special thing , I was mentioning ???



After grouping the questions


You will observe this very special thing !!!!



Have a look at the group of questions relating to MIS





One question is talking about


Characteristics of MIS


Another question is talking about


Prerequisites of  effective MIS.






One question is talking about


Limitations of MIS


Another question is talking about


Constraints of  MIS.







Many students write the points interchangeably.




For you and me they may be same.


But it is not same from the angle of person who is correcting the paper.


Try to observe and remember such differences.




Okay … what’s next


If you observe ,


Many of the questions in practice manuals are having various paragraphs or points



A “heading or a key word or a phrase “




a paragraph or a point


in the answers given in practice manual.


“Remember “those headings or  key words or phrases




For example,


Refer to the question on “ information attributes” in chapter 1 in practice manual.

It has around 10 + points.


The practice manual itself has given the


heading or a key word or a phrase “ for each paragraph or point.


“Remember” those headings or  key words or phrases


If you remember those headings or  key words or phrases, it will be very easy to recollect the content of the paragraphs or points.



You have to just understand the content of paragraph or point.


But it’s a must to


“Remember” headings or  key words or phrases


But what about the questions, where


heading or a key word or a phrase “ is not given.


Many of the questions  are only in paragraphs or essay type without any


heading or a key word or a phrase “



For those questions,


You divide the answer into paragraphs or points by yourself.


Capture a keyword or a phrase which represents the


paragraph or point.


Using a highlighter pen , you can highlight it.


Don’t highlight while reading itself.


You may land up with highlighting every thing, which is of no use.


First divide the answer into paragraphs or points by yourself mentally


Then highlight keyword or a phrase.


“Remember” the highlighted key words or phrases





You have to do all this only for the questions with lengthy answers in practice manual.


For questions with very short answers, you just understand and try to remember as it is.



How to remember ???  how to recollect ???


You can use mnemonics .




Create a chain of keywords [ works wonders ] - recommended




Trust your natural memory.


Try to recollect the headings or key words or phrases as it is




Try to recollect and write the key words or phrases in paper



Do whatever you want…..


But remember , remember , remember !!!!!!


How do we learn  Typing  ?  -    By  Typing

How do we learn  walking  ?  -  By  walking

How do we learn  cycling  ?  -    By  cycling


How do we improve upon our ability of   recollecting  ? ??     

By  recollecting .  That’s it.




If we understand then ……. We can remember with ease.


Many of the chapters in practice manual, you can understand by self reading.


But some of the topics, help is needed to understand.


For that , you can attend a good class or refer a good book available in the market

To make your concepts clear in certain areas.




Suppose you are not in a position to attend a class ,


Find out


any person doing / has done software engineering




any person doing / has done BCA / MCA


the technical stuff of ISCA is a cake walk for them.


This has to be done only for understanding the chapters which you find difficult.


But , coming to the exams…….


You have to stick to………


And write ….


The points given in…..


Practice manuals only…….


If your target is 60+ 




Okayyy… what’s next ?


After finishing practice manuals in each topic,


Go through study material, for the areas not covered by practice manuals.





Suppose ,,,, suppose,,, suppose,,, after doing all this,


If you get  58 or 59 …then   ????




Kamaal karte ho yaar,


Suppose you get 58 and with the help of other papers,


Your are through with group 2, what else you want ?


What best I can say isssssssss…….


Khush raho !!!!! Sukheee raho !!!!!!








If you have time ,


You can go up one more level.


Going up one more level ???????


What is that ?


You can try recollecting entire ISCA without the practice manual in front of you.


Wa ,,, waa,, whattt ???


Recollecting , without the book ???


Oh yaaa…..


Earlier I was mentioning about grouping of questions.


Lets take chapter 1.


Lets take the group of questions, related to MIS.


Assume there are 10 questions.


Capture keywords or phrases of each of the question  in the group.


Try to create a chain of them. it can be a logical sequence or illogical.


Try to recollect the chain of questions, without looking into the book


Try to recollect the answers for each of the questions.


while recollecting, if you are not able to recollect some points, don't look into the book immediately.

Put in some effort for recollecting. Even after a while, if you are not able to recollect some points, then look 

into the book.

Give first priority for recollecting .......... "headlines, keywords , phrases "  ONLY.

content of paragraph.......... just try to understand 

Once you are in a position to recollect "headlines, keywords , phrases "  

of all questions in all chapters !!!!!


 try to recollect content for each "headline, keyword , phrase "  

witout touching the book.

You can do this in break time.


One… it will be fun !!!!!


Two…. It improves your ability of recollecting !!!!


Three…. it gives a terrific confidence  that, you are revising ISCA without the book in your hand.


To apply this “one level up”  , you have to spend some time.....




You can do for certain  areas which you like.


whats the use of this one level up ????

students who have done this.......

they only.... have got 75 +  ......i.e 90 + also !!!!!!!!!!!

ISCA is....

the paper.....

which can win group 2  for you........

single handedly !!!!!!!!

well  ........   That's It.........

Have a great day