Ipce result of roll no 310853. - (09-08-2012)

Bharat Prakash Sharma (CA Final) (188 Points)

09 August 2012  


IPCE Result of Roll No 310853. - (09-08-2012)
No. Secretary-ICAI/Exam/May-12 August 9, 2012

The result of Group-II, Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE) held in May 2012 of Ms. Divya Vasudeva (Roll No.310853) which was hosted on the Institute’s website on August 7, 2012 showed her as `pass’ in that group with a total of 133 marks which was an error. The factual position of the candidate has been that she is a both groups candidate securing the following marks in the said examination:

Paper 1 65
Paper 2 58
Paper 3 52
Paper 4 55
Total of Group 1 230
Paper 5 44
Paper 6 49
Paper 7 40
Total of Group 2 133
Total: 363

Accordingly, her rectified result is - Both Groups `pass’ under CA Regulations, 1988 

While deeply regretting the inadvertent error of not including her Group I marks, it is mentioned that because of the programmic complexities, her earlier result in the website could not be modified and, therefore, has since been disabled. 

Secretary, ICAI