Interest is Corona CBDT

Siddharth Mane (Tax Consultant) (209 Points)

25 October 2021  

Dear Mitron,

I m a practising Tax consultant in Mumbai, I have finalised BalanceSheet of 1 of my life. Shock of my life is when i calculated the IT online in IT calculator it shows interest under 234B & C for F.Y. 2020-21. Already the entire country, world is under the deep impact of Corona and we are facing Nightmare of 234B & C courtesy CBDT Bharat Sarkar. I strongly condemn (Nishedh) this thing!!!

I think the Govt must seriously think about 'thoking' interest to the citizens in such a killing pandemic. The Govt cant be so harsh, merciless. Yes we have right to speak this. The whole is watching how everyone is suffering. U cant be so mean with "Taxpayers"!! U r not indirectly but Directly killing the Taxpayers!! Jai Hind.