Income tax(LTCG / STCG)on compensation as TDR certificate

S S Dahale ( Agri and business) (439 Points)

14 April 2018  

 It is said that monitory compensation received  to a person from Govt. or Munc.authorities for land acquistion is EXEMPT from Income Tax, as of now, due to paucity of funds , Govt.and Munc.authorities are giving TDR certificate ( fungible FSI)

wants to know

a) whether receipt of this TDR certificate instead of Monitory compensation isTax free ? or taxable.

if yes as LTCG / STCG ?

b ) If that person his sold  rights or TDR certificate  to other person? whether such amount will be taxable or not ? if yes , on what basis , diffrence between sale price and  base price ?( as on date he recived this TDR certificate from the authorities)