Ideas to end corruption - article

SIVASIVA (FCA, Future CA) (4935 Points)

09 October 2013  

Hi dear friends,

Just want to share few inputs and want you to share your inputs on the issue raised by one of our member on a Article titled "CORRUPTION R.I.P. - My ideas to end Corruption in India"

Lets share my Inputs:

1. Integration of all government departments under one ERP solution:

yes, this should be done.  However, lot of criticism will come.   first, Ministers head of each portfolio won't cooperate


2. Payments to be routed only through proper mode other than Cash:

Yes.  I am of the same opinion of the author.  The government has to subsidise the Swiping machines which are charged anywhere between Rs.200 to Rs.1000 (incl serv tax) per month.  This should be flat of Rs.100 per month.  Say for example: the TEA SHOPS, COOL DRINKS SHOPS, SHOE SHOPS, LOCAL FOOD RESTAURANTS, LOCAL BUSES, STATE LEVEL BUSES, LOCAL AUTOS, LOCAL TAXIS, TWO WHEELER REPAIRS & MECHANIC SHOPS, DRIVING LICENSE SCHOOL, COLLEGES, ETC.  All should be equipped with a Swipping machine or should only accept Cheque or DD.   

Thereby avoiding Cash transaction.  Especially, Colleges and schools do the commercial activity of collection enormous fund in the name of corruption.  This shouldbe avoided.  further, in land and Building registration, the transfer of funds between buyer and seller should happen only through cheque or dd.

this will avoid, any cash transaction.  

3. Minister's Expenses - Domestic and International

This will involve Supreme Court intervention.  Already, the ordinance is cancelled only after lot of hurried party activities.

4.  Every one has to file their Income Tax Returns.  even if a person do not have taxable income, he should file his income and expenses incorporating the PAN of the beneficiary.  This will avoid, unwanted expenses claimed by Tax Evaders.  
For eg. If a Business person, is claiming a Salary Expenses of 40% of the Sales, then he should provide the PAN of all the employees what ever the amount it may be.