HRA and Home Loan Interest claim within Same city

avinash jobs (6 Points)

15 August 2022  

Hi All, 

I am quite confused with this logic of claiming HRA and Home loan with in same city (Bangalore). Let me tell my situation, I am staying in a rented house and own a flat which is ready by May 2021 but did not occupy it due to some personal circumstances and COVID effect. i took the flat using home loan (2019), as it is my first home loan and flat was not ready by financial year 20-21, though I claimed home loan interest under 80EEA it was not considered by my employer. But with similar situation of my friend his claim was accepted by his employer which reflected in FORM16.

My question here is, Even my flat is ready with occupancy certificate in this FY 21-22 why my employer did not allow it as claim under HRA and Home loan Interest under 80EEA and whether am I allowed to claim homeloan interest under 80EEA as part of the IT returns or not? Under which circumstances my employer did not allow and other employers are allowing?

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