How to Unblock DSC (Token)

Neha Gupta (PCS) (377 Points)

04 September 2010  

Hello Experts,

I want to share with you all, the Solution of a problem which is generally faced by DSC (Token) users when their DSC got "Blocked"

In a situation when you forget the password of your DSC and you have to affix the DSC on some form or Documents then only 13 chances are given to enter your password and after that the DSC got Blocked. it means you can not use your DSC for Signing of more Documents.

In this situation some of DSC vendors in Delhi advise you to apply for a new Token (DSC). as they said it wont be possible for them to unblock the DSC (Token). Then we have to apply for a new token by paying again full amount of fees.

But even if the ones DSC (token) is blocked we can unblock it for that we have to approach N-code Authorities, with a letter for applying for Unblocking the DSC and if u are going on behalf of some other person then his signed authority letter and the N-code authorities unblock the same without charging fees from you by using their admin password.