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BALU.... (CCI STUDENT....)     03 September 2010

How To Reach Goal

How To Reach Any Goal In 5 Steps


  • The existence of a very strong desire to reach the outcome is essential. You have to want it badly. Very useful is a critical absence of something that make you want it even harder, like, a common example, having no money to pay the rent. A strong urge gets things moving.
    If you don’t have this strong need, create it artificially. There a many ways to do this. Behind every need is an urge. Just intensify this urge. If you want to be rich, tell all your friend that you’re soon going to buy a Mercedes Benz, the wish not to be a liar intensifies your desire for money. If you want to find your dream girl/boy, well, there are many ways to intensify this need. You get the point.

  • Take responsibility for your current situation. No one else is responsible for you, if you don’t care, who else will?

  • You must be aware that change is indispensable. The person you are now, will not be able to accomplish your set goal. Embrace that change. Want it.

  • Don’t try to change reality, change to suit reality instead. You must be prepared to adopt another course, if the previous one turned out to be wrong. “Be the water, not the rock”.

Step One – Fleshing Out

Take a pen and paper and write out some ideas about what you really want and why. Take your time.

I believe that the writing process is a good way to sort out your thoughts and help you to concretize your true wishes. This allows you also to evaluate them objectively. The better you define your goal, the faster you will achieve it.

Now the important part: set an ultimate date on when you plan to achieve your goal. Be realistic here. Most people overestimate what they can do in two months but underestimate what they can achieve in two years.

Just write down a date, develop one powerful declarative sentence and post it all over your place.

Don’t take this lightly, for this is a very important step.

Step Two – Identifying Fears And Obstacles

Take out pen and paper again, and this time write down what fears and obstacles you would expect. Don’t think much about it just write them down one below the other. Ask yourself the following questions: What may prevent me from success? What fears may come up? What or who may get in my way? Write it down!

Are there self limiting believes? Like: I don’t deserve happiness, I’m worthless, money is bad, etc. Write them down!

After you have made the list go down every point separately and write a possible solution directly beneath it.

Being aware of those fears and obstacles and their overcoming takes out their power. Since you then recognize them, you can immediately oppose them, and eventually they may turn out to be powerless in the beginning.

Step Three – The Visualization & Affirmation

If you dig more deeply on visualization you will discover that this is indeed the very nature of reality and matter.

I will go on visualization in more detail on another time, for now here is a short “how-to”:

Go to a place of quit and bring yourself into a relaxing position. Close your eyes. I want you to get in a state of deep relaxation. Now visualize that you’ve already reached your goal. Image it in much detail as possible. Feel it. Enjoy it, be happy that you finally succeeded. Not only see in your mind, but feel, hear, smell. Make it as realistic as possible. Do this for at least 15 minutes in the morning after waking up and in the evening before you go to bed.

I know this is not easy in the beginning, but when you do this disciplined every day, you will get faster into relaxation and the images will come bluster out.

Now, I want you to take 10 minutes of your lunch time, sit down and write affirmations. Write down your goal that you’ve defined in step one in one statement. Keep it positive and in the present. Don’t write: “I will be rich one day”. Write instead: “I am rich and prosperous”. Don’t write: “Someday I will meet this wonderful guy”. Write: “I’m married to a wonderful man who loves me madly”.

Write your affirmation 25 times every day on lunchtime.

This is a very powerful tool, it’s the heart and soul of the five steps.

Step Four – Plan Of Action

After you have done step three for a week, your mind will come up with ideas of a plan how to accomplish your goal. Put it on paper. Here again go into detail. Don’t just write: “have to go out more often”, write: “going out on Saturday to club x”. Refine this again, with who you will go out and exactly when.

Take out the list from step one again, take a look at your ultimate achievement-date and work out an exact timetable. Again: be as accurate and detailed as you can be.

In the end will have a fully detailed agenda on how to reach your goal.

Step Five – The Realization

You should have by now: a strong desire and willingness to achieve what you want, you know exactly what you want, you know the obstacles and how to combat them, you have the secret tool of making things happen, and finally you have a precise agenda on how to act every single day until the achievement of the objective.

Now put it into action. You have done a great job so far, but if you don’t act, it was all for nothing. Should you loose motivation, increase your desire, should you encounter fears, fight them (you know how). The visualization and affirmation process will make it easy for you. Trust me on this one.

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

Maybe there should be a step six, which is receive in thankfulness. And you shall receive. I know that you will. My friend did so some time ago, and now she is living the life she always dreamed about.

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BALU.... (CCI STUDENT....)     03 September 2010

Top 10 Ways to Reach Your Goals Quickly

1. Clarity of purpose. For a dream to become a goal, it must be specific. While it's fun to dream about being rich, it takes courage and hard choices to decide exactly how much money you want and how you are going to earn it. Being "thin" is an image; losing 23 pounds by your birthday is a goal. In life, we probably can't have it all. You can lose 23 pounds, or you can have the cake and ice cream. Your choice. Be clear.

2. Commitment. There's a story from ancient Greece about a general who landed his troups on the beach, then burned his ships. He wanted each soldier to know there was no turning back, no retreat, no alternative to victory. Once your goal is clear, emotionally commit to achieving it. There are no alternatives.

3. Talk about it. This is called "accountability." Once you've defined your goal and committed yourself to achieve it, start talking about it! If you want to lose weight, don't blame your spouse for buying ice cream if he or she does't know and understand your goal! Talking about your goals makes them emotionally real and powerful. It allows people to help you reach your goal and support you along the way. Some people will also criticize or undermine you. Don't talk to them.

4. Write it down. This is basic, and one of the oldest, simplest and most powerful techniques for achieving any goal. Write it down! Describe precisely what you want, how you will earn it, when you will have it and the benefits you'll receive from achieving your goal. Write the details. Write the colors, the shapes and the dates.

5. Repeat it every day! Every morning, use a small card or a corner of your appointment book to record a short descripttion of your goal where you will see it all day long. Don't carry the same card day after day! If your goal is worth anything, it's worth one minute of your time to write a simple sentence describing your dream and focusing on your priorities. Do this every morning.

6. Have a plan. Create a map for getting there. And put dates on it! A goal to retire at age 40 has no meaning without a savings and investment strategy. A goal to create your own business is just a fantasy without a plan to attract investors, find a location, hire staff and sell your goods or services. The beauty of a plan is that it shows you a path to your goal.

7. Take action every day! "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Any goal that is worthy of you is worth a few minutes of your time and some of your energy every single day. To write a novel, write a chapter this week. To open your own business, read a business magazine today. To create a more loving family, give someone a hug today. To be salesperson of the year, make a phone call right now!

8. Use constant affirmations. One of my clients is a PGA golfer. From the moment his ball lands on the green until he sinks the putt, he repeats over and over "I will make this putt!" He repeats that phrase as many as 200 times before every putt! Do you think he would be more, or less, successful if he spent those moments thinking, "I just hope I don't miss it"? Tell yourself what you want to hear!

9. Review, and re-commit, often. Never be afraid to review your goals, evaluate whether you are still 100% committed to them, and re-commit to achieving them. If your values or your choices have changed, change your goals accordingly, and be honest about it! And if your goal still fits, run to it with all your heart!

10. Celebrate each milestone! Never wait to have a party! Each deposit in your savings account deserves a checkmark on the calendar and a hug from your partner. Each day without a cigarette deserves a smile and congratulations from your loved ones. Every step toward your goal should be documented and celebrated! When you get discouraged or have doubts, your record of past successes will quickly get you back on track. Not sure about this? Ask any marathon runner whether they count each mile on their run to the finish line! Celebrate each and every milepost on your path to victory!


himanshu (student)     03 September 2010

really gr8 , very motivating and very helpful sir ,

i always watch out for ur articles , u could have been like shiv khera

thanx a lot sir

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