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17 November 2011  

There are many advantages of doing Water Therapy especially for Diseases like Cancer, BP, Diabetes, TB etc… Please go through the mail below:

Have a look at the info on water therapy below... It is too good!

n         Drink six (6) glasses of water (1.5 liters) everyday and avoid medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor fees, etc.
n       You can never believe before practicing.

List of Diseases That Can Be Cured By Water Therapy

*       Blood Pressure / Hypertension
*       Anemia (Blood Shortage)
*       Rheumatism (Pain in joints/muscles)
*    General Paralysis
*       Obesity
*       Arthritis
*       Sinusitis
*       Tachycardia
*       Giddiness
*       Cough
*       Leukemia
*       Asthma
*       Bronchitis
*       Pulmonary Tuberculosis
*       Meningitis
*       Kidney Stones

*       Hyper Acidity
*       Dysentry
*       Gastroenteritis
*       Uterus Cancer
*       Rectal Piodapse
*       Constipation
*       Hostorthobics
*       Diabetes
*       Eye Diseases
*       Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Opthalmia (Reddisheye)
*       Irregular Menstruation
*       Breast Cancer
*       Laryngitis
*       Headache
*       Leukemia
*       Urogenital Diseases

Therapy Procedure

*       Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.5 liters of water i.e., 5 to 6 glasses. Let us all know that ancient Indians termed this therapy as "Usha Paana Chikitsa" . You may wash your face thereafter.

*       Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hour before and after drinking these 1.5 liters of water.
*       It is also to be strictly observed that no alcoholic drinks should be taken the previous night.
*       If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose.
*       It is difficult to drink 1.5 liters of water at one time, but you will get used to it gradually.
*       Initially, while practicing you may drink four glasses first and to balance two glasses after a gap of two minutes.
*       You may find the necessity to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.

By Research and Experience
*       The following diseases are observed to be cured with this therapy within the indicated days as below:


Constipation               - 1 day
Acidity                        - 2 days
Diabetes                     - 7 days
Cancer                       - 4 weeks
Pulmonary TB             - 3 months
BP & Hypertension       - 4 weeks


Note: It is advised that persons suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism should practice this therapy thrice a day, i.e. morning, midday and night, 1 hour before meals for one week; and twice a day subsequently until the disease disappears.

How Does Pure Water Act?

*       Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as " Haematopaises". That the mucous folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that the mucous fold produces new fresh blood.
*       If the colon is cleansed then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucous folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all-important in curing ailments and restoring health and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern.

 Life is Short... Just go for it
*            Please spread this message to your friends, relatives and neighbours. It is a great service to the cause of humanity